Find the Special Cigar You've Been Searching For

Visit our lounge to smoke luxury cigars

Whether you're interested in smoking cigars for the first time or you have particular tastes from years of experience, finding the type of cigars you enjoy smoking can be difficult. At Cigar Jazz, you don't have to worry about a thing. With a wide selection of cigars and an experienced staff, our lounge is the perfect spot for everyone.

When you come to our lounge, help is all around you. When you're looking for a particular cigar, get help from:

Our charismatic owner
Experienced staff members
Friendly customers

Struggling to find the perfect cigar with just enough subtle flavor? Come to the lounge today and leave with a new favorite.

Enjoy rotating live performances

On top of great cigars, we also have amazing live music performances. Once a week, we feature up-and-coming local talent. The performers we hire keep the music smooth and upbeat. The relaxing music is the perfect complement to a freshly cut cigar.
Want to smoke a cigar while enjoying quality entertainment? Bring your friends to Cigar Jazz today - you're always welcome.

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Community Always Comes First

Cigar Jazz was created with the goal of bringing local people together in a welcoming and relaxing environment. When you visit our lounge, you become part of a community that shares a love for cigars and treats each other like family.

Join a group of people that want to relax just like you. Here, we value community and kinship, so you'll always have a place to come to talk and relax.